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I have (or admittedly had) huge ambitions for this blog. However now I can safely say, Nko’s Corner is a chill spot on the internet for us to come together and talk about what we love. Or, in this case, the things I love. Little personal happenings, my current obsessions in art and media, or maybe just a goofy ramble. The point is, this site is uniquely me, and I would like to keep it that way.

Nko’s Corner is a work in progress and set to improve over time.

The Writer // Nko

Hey, I’m Nko, a level 21 coffee addict, illustrator and visual developer in training, huge nerd and apparently my twitter is good for a serotonin boost. For clarification, I’m a messy 21-year-old artist who has no idea what she’s doing! Very fun.

I grew up in Tokyo, Japan and currently live America. I attend the Academy of Art University in pursue of an Illustration major, and also study Japanese, Philosophy, Writing and Journalism from time to time at the University of Denver. I found blogging through a friend of mine at Nerd Rambles, who inspired me to want to do this. After some struggling to write, I hope to revitalize this site and make it less strict, and more just a place for me to enjoy myself.

While I was in Japan, I hit a point in my life where it became very hard to function, and after a long battle with many medical problems, I was diagnosed with Schizophrenia, POTS, a functional neurological disorder, Anxiety and PTSD. It was at this point where my passions in life (art, Japanese, video games) became very important to me. It was my way to explain myself to the world and to connect with others, a root to reality in an otherwise unreal and terrifying situation.

My goal with this is to connect with people who share common interests as me, keep it genuine, and make this place a warm cozy place for everyone. Feel free to reach out and say hello!

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