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Welcome to Nko’s Corner. I’m the blog’s writer and creator, Nko, and with the help of you and a couple of best friends, we can all enjoy the things we love together.

Throughout the week on this very page, I will be updating you on the nerdy need-to-knows, my on hands-on experiences and reviews, and everything else under the video game sun. Each post will be made with the experience of both your average born gamer and nerd. But wait, if you don’t just love games then fear not! Because, my friend, this is Nko’s Corner! The theme and discussions will be whatever needs to and we love to talk about.

If you like that, be a part of the conversation!

komaedanano@gmail.com ← Hit me up there for your comments/concerns/questions/requests and wholesome funny stuff. Then, tune in and enjoy the things we love.


I’m Nano Komaeda, Nko for short. You can find me and my art on Twitter and Instagram or with my partner in crime a small fluffy dog named Lucky! (Guaranteed, appearances will be made)

I am a fulltime freelance artist and games journalist born in America and raised in Tokyo. I have studied from an esteemed international school in Chofu, Japan to a Top 100 University in America dedicating myself to be able to do the things I love to do, and this site is just a small piece of that.

If you like what you see, feel free to support!

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